Frequently Asked Questions

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Without a doubt, we are faster than Amazon (!!). You will see orders arrive within an hour or so of fulfillment...that is when we enter them into the system. As we do manual entries, it may be an hour or two at most before they are entered. So typically, one-two hours (unless ordered overnight when we are closed), quite often less

A Fulfillment notice means that we have entered the order into our system and it is being processed. Will still be some time to make it to your page.

Could be several issues, starting with the most common:

  • Did you provide a link in the grey box, or at least your @name?
  • Is your account on Private? If so, take it off.
  • For Twitch Live Viewers, did you toggle Mature to OFF?
  • Did you just place the order? As we enter orders manually, for your safety and protection, we do need a little time
  • Did you place the order in the overnight hours?



Once you have the first service selected, not forgetting to provide the link (!), just click "Add To Cart". Then navigate to another page, or add a different link to that same service, and click "Add To Cart" again. Repeat the process as many times as you want. You will then have a cart full of services to check out. When you are ready, click the shopping cart icon on the top will see the list of services you are looking to buy....then click CHECKOUT at the bottom. All done!

Yes...100%. All credit card transactions not done via Amazon are routed through for approval. We at boostyourpresence only ever see the last 4 digits of your credit card, all else is through the credit carr processor  


We can only allow cancellations before the order has been entered / fulfilled on our end. Once that order has been entered, it has been processed and in the system and we can not retract so are unable to cancel


We operate until around 11:00 PM Central US time each day. Orders submitted prior to that time should show on your page that day. Orders submitted after this time may not process until early the next morning (7:30 AM onwards, although we on occasionhave a staff member execute a late night sweep.